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Our Story

When it comes to love everyone has a story. With Valentine’s coming up Β I thought it would be the perfect time to remissness about mine and Paul’s story. Paul and I met in the fall of 2011. Seems like a decade ago but only a few short years. We met at an informal College Republican meeting where to this day I do not remember him being there. At the time, I was the Director of Recruitment of the club and tried to get him to come to all of our events. We quickly became friends! It was not until I was the Chairman of the club and he the Vice Chair in 2012 that we worked tirelessly together. That along with having five upper level government classes together pretty much guaranteed that were bound to date. Not to mention Paul’s sarcastic humor that I was instantly drawn to!


As our relationship progressed I became increasingly worried about the future and what I wanted. It took a series of personal events and even braking up with him for a few weeks to realize just how important Paul was to me. He is my other half. Like most girls, immediately realizing that I could see myself marrying him I decided I needed to…and quick! I wanted us to immediately start our life together whether I was emotionally or financially ready. Like most guys, this freaked Paul out! In time, we prayed and sought God on what our future would be together. It was not until we actually did get engaged on our one year anniversary, April 12, 2012, that I realized what a huge commitment we had made to each other.


Immediately after we graduated this past summer we both moved to DC for our political careers. As time went on Paul and I grew even closer. We had been planning the wedding for the following year of April 12, 2014 but in an instant that all changed over the summer. My dad found out he was losing his job and my grandfather was quite ill. I could not handle the weight of putting my parents in even more debt when my dad had no job or prospects of gaining a job, at the time. Paul and I did what we felt best, we moved up the wedding. It was one of the best decisions we have EVER made and I cannot imagine having our wedding any differently! Really, I am not just saying that. So on November 9, 2013 I became Mrs. Sapperstein.


Paul and I are not perfect. We are still learning and growing as a couple, especially as we become more mature. We have learned to love one another unconditionally, lean on each other, resolve conflicts smoothly (most of the time), and get ourselves on a budget more and more each day.

Overall, God was in control of all that we did and still do.