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Viva Las Vegas

Hi friends,

Last weekend Paul and I were lucky enough to go to Vegas, Nevada for a mini vacation. We packed in so much stuff in just two short days!!


Day One


The Las Vegas Strip

The first day we were there we explored the ‘Strip’. It was so cool to walk around the different hotel casinos. Each one had a unique atmosphere and vibe!



image3 (1)

My favorite hotel that we visited was the Flamingo!! It was such a cool hotel and it even had real flamingos!!

image1 (2)


FullSizeRender (1)

At the very end of the strip there is the Stratosphere. It is an older hotel but the tallest in Vegas. The view at the top is like no other in the city!!

image1 (1)

image2 (1)

Day Two

The second day was completely different but just as fun. We started the morning off by renting a convertible Camaro! Pretty cool!! Having the top down is the best way to see the area’s beauty.

Red Rock Canyon

red rock canyon

Red Rock Canyon was magnificent! It was surreal to go from the city feel in Vegas to the beautiful mountain area in the desert. There is a great visitor center there with a lot of info about the area and maps with all the different hiking trails. Also, there was a 13-mile car loop to see the area where we saw awesome views all around us. The area was indescribable! It was so pretty and different from anything Paul and I had ever seen.





The Hoover Dam



After leaving Red Rock Canyon, we made our way to the Hoover Dam. Seeing the Dam it was such a huge engineering feat that the US accomplished! Paul and I could not believe how big it was and the power that it generates.

I would recommend if you go to start out by going on the walking bridge overlooking the dam. It is the perfect way to get pictures of the dam straight on.


Next, we went to the actual dam and took the power plant tour. This was so neat to see and learn exactly how the water from the lake is generated into power for thousands of Americans all over the area.



Lake Mead

lake mead

Lake Mead is the man-made lake that gets its water supply from the Colorado River. It is what flows into the Hoover Dam. When we passed the lake going to the Hoover Dam we wanted to stop back at it so that we could check it out. At the Visitor Center, we learned that there is a ‘beach’ area that people swim at. Paul and I immediately wanted to do this!!

The view, water, and weather were perfect. Swimming in the lake was the ultimate of relaxation! It was our favorite part!!


That night we caught red eye flight back home and started another crazy work week. It was an amazing trip and so memorable!

Have you ever been to Vegas? What did you do?


Clyde’s Bath Time Routine

Rrrrrrruuuufff!!!! (Hi friends)

We have now had Clyde for about 5 weeks but it feels like he has always been apart of our family.


One routine we have every week is to give Clyde a bath. I read online that you can give a puppy/dog a bath as many times as often as you want as long as they do not have a sensitivity to their skin. Paul and I find that with Clyde going on 2-3 walks a day by the end of the week he is in high need of a bath! Also, since I love beauty products I thought I would show you and give a review of what we use for Clyde.

C Bath Routine

All of the products are from Burts Bees dog line. right now we use the puppy shampoo for Clyde. We also purchased the shampoo for him for when he is no longer a puppy that is all natural and calming for him as well. One great product that we recently got is the Tear Stain Remover. I like putting a few drops of these around his eye area to clean the gunk away. This will be especially useful as Spring comes with pollen and other allergens.


The most used product, the 2 in 1 Tearless Shampoo and Conditioner for puppies, is well loved by Paul and I for Clyde’s baths.

Here are a few reasons why it is our favorite!


  • The shampoo is gentle and calming which is great for Clyde as he is anxious during bath time.
  • The smell of the shampoo is wonderful. When he is done he smells so good!
  • Also, the smell of the shampoo is not too girly. This makes it versatile for girl and guy pups.
  • The shampoo is sensitive enough that it has not dried out Clyde’s skin at all.


  • The bottle is large and can make it awkward when trying to hold your pup and squeeze some of the shampoo out at the same time.


Below are the step by steps for how we give Clyde a bath.

  1. Clean your kitchen sink. This is where we like to give Clyde a bath but if you have a more efficient place feel free to use that.
  2. But about 3 inches of warm water in your kitchen sink.
  3. Add one teaspoon of the shampoo and swirl it into the water.
  4. Have a cup handy to since your dog off with.
  5. Put your dog in the warm water.C Bath
  6. Pour water all over him.
  7. Take the shampoo and lather it into your dogs fur. Make sure to watch out for his eyes and ears. Also, watch out for any known sensitive areas your dog might have.Cleaning Clyde
  8. Once lathered, take the cup and pour water over their whole body until there is no more shampoo present.Wash Clyde
  9. Once completed you can towel dry your dog.Bath Done
  10. As an added step, you can even blow dry him/her if they like to be blow dried.


How do you like to give your dog a bath? Do you have any tips for me??

Valentine’s Day Weekend

Hi lovelies,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend with lots of love for all the people in your life. Also, may you all be blessed with half-off chocolate and good President’s Day sales!!!

VDay Weekend


This weekend we left early on Friday to come to North Carolina and visit Paul’s family. We were also SO excited for Clyde to meet everyone in NC. We were a little worried how he might do in the 5 hours, which turned into 7 hours due to traffic, in the car. I am pleased to say that he was wonderful! He slept on and off and was so quiet. When we did arrive to NC he had a lot of energy, but good thing there were lots of new people for him to meet and play with.


This Valentine’s Day Paul and I used time to thank God for the people in our lives and our new little bundle of joy, Clyde! He has been such a fun addition t our little family!! I cannot get over how cute, sweet, and snugly he is. There is nothing I love more than taking a nap with him on the couch!!


Visiting with family has been so nice this weekend. Having it be Valentine’s Day as well had me reflecting on the love I have for family and friends. I am so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life that love and support me. The past few months have been a complete whirlwind with more changes to come. With family that are so supportive, especially Paul, it is nice to have their unconditional love to hold me up in the good and bad.

Also, before coming to NC Paul and I made Valentine’s Day cookies for family and friends. I love baking with Paul and find that it is team building between us. The cookies ended up turning out SO cute!


As we spending the last few hours of today and tomorrow before we go back to NC we will be spending more time with family here.

It has been so nice to get away for a few days and reconnect with loved ones! I hope all of you had a great Valentine’s Day weekend as well! 🙂 Name


Happy Weekend!!

On Saturday morning Paul, my mom and I headed to Lancaster, PA where we went and got our brand new puppy, Clyde! He is such a little bundle of joy!!

Clyde is 10 weeks old and is a mix breed of a Jack Russell Terrier and a Poodle. That makes him a Jack-a-Poo! So far he has been pretty good at nipping at our heals, running everywhere, being a cuddle buddy and a cutie!!

Here are some pictures of our new little cutie:

Little Family

Welcome Clyde

Clyde Bath

Clyde’s FIRST bath!!

Clyde Adventure

Also, we created a special Instagram for Clyde! We love just about every picture we take of him, of course ;), and did not want to overload friends and family who follow us on social media. So, if you are interested in following him and seeing more cute pictures of our new pup his username is @clydethejackapoo.

Best, Name

Happy First Blogiversary!!!!

Hi lovelies,

It is my 23rd Birthday and my first anniversary of my blog all TODAY!

Sassy Sapperstein's Blogiversary

Today I started off the day doing something I have NEVER done before; going to a 6am spin class!! This year I am making it a goal to lose at least 30 more pounds in an effort to be healthy and fit.

As I am now, I am healthier that I was last year, but I still need to lose some of the weight on my frame to get into the right area for my body type. Unlike last year, I am excited about this journey and look forward to doing all I can to push myself and become fit, gain muscle, and confidence in my fitness abilities.

This afternoon I got all dressed up and went out to eat with coworkers! It was so much fun to laugh and see them. Below are pics of my ‘Outfit of the Day’.




Tory Burch


OOTD Flats

The Tory Burch flats were a new Birthday gift from my Grandparents 🙂


I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by and how much my little blog has grown There have been so many ups and downs but I am so happy with the place I am at in my life and the opportunities and new adventures to come in 2015!!

Blogging was a first for me this past year and I really love pouring myself into it and making posts that reflect me and my interests. I love interacting with other bloggers and people from all over the US and even oversees who have the same interests as me!!

Here are a few of my very favorite posts from last year:

  1. How To: Depot MAC Eye Shadows
  2. Mouth Watering BBQ
  3. New Year, New Apartment
  4. The Importance of a Nightly Skincare Regime
  5. JRINK 3 Day Juice Cleanse

Thank you for sticking with me this year and please continue to do so in 2015! I will be making a concerted effort to blog weekly and I hope you are there along with my to read and learn more about my life.

Many blessings to everyone, Name

We are getting a puppy!!

Hi friends!!

Life can be a real adventure sometimes. With the ups and downs the past few weeks I am so excited to announce that Paul and I are getting a PUPPY!!!

We have been wanting a dog for a long time, but wanted to wait for the perfect time and here we are!

We will be picking up our little guy next week weekend from Lancaster, PA. The dog we picked out is the cutest little Jack-a-Poo puppy that we will be naming Clyde.Ever since we started talking about getting a dog we have wanted to name it Clyde.

Also, since we will be getting him in a few short days I have been shopping like crazy to get everything he will need.

From what I read online these are the top 10 essentials every puppy needs.

Top 10 Puppy Essentials

  1. Food for Puppies
  2. Teething treats
  3. A Crate
  4. A book on How to Train Your Dog
  5. Toys 🙂
  6. Bed
  7. Collar and Leash
  8. Toothbrush
  9. Brush
  10. Shampoo

Here is what Paul and I have gotten so far for Clyde.

Clyde's bed!

Clyde’s bed!


My favorite collar!

My favorite collar!


Dog ToysIMG_6051Dog Mat for Cage

This foam mat is going to be the cushion for Clyde’s metal crate. We ordered the crate on Amazon and should be getting it within the next two days. Dog Food

Dog Food BowlThere are still some essentials we need, but with a week left that is plenty of time to do more shopping…my favorite!!


Stay tuned for pictures next weekend of Clyde and our trip to Lancaster!

New Year, New Apartment

One of the many things I am excited about this year is that Paul and I will be living in our Nation’s Capitol! This is so exciting for us to be living in a city filled with rich history! I am looking forward to trying out new restaurants, stores, learn the ins and outs of Washingtonian and explore the Smithsonians.

As Paul and I are settling in it has been so much fun decorating and making this place our home. It is a smaller apartment than our last but that forced us, in a good way, to donate items we didn’t need and become creative with storage and organization.

Here are some pictures of our new digs!


When walking into the apartment this is the first sight that you see. To the left is our dining room table and the kitchen. On the right you can see the chair to our living room and the corner that leads down the hallway.


This is the view of the doorway, that was behind me in the previous picture. To the left is the china cabinet Paul and I got off Craigslist and redid last year.

IMG_6002Before Paul and I moved we bought this rug not even knowing if it would fit in our new place but hoping because we got it on a great deal!! When we moved in it fit perfectly in the living room area. I love how it defines the area and makes it feel cozy. Also, when moving in, we tried to fit our couch through the door and it wouldn’t fit!!! OH MY. Instead we went with plan B and got these two chairs from Ikea for Paul and I to sit in and relax.


What I love most about the apartment is how open and clean the kitchen feels. Compared to the galley kitchen, at our last apartment, this is definitely an upgrade!!


On the other side of the refrigerator is a cart that our landlord’s provided us with that is great for holding the toaster oven, keurig, crock pot, microwave and more.


When you turn the corner of the kitchen this is the view of the hallway. On the left is the doors to the bathroom and our bedroom and the laundry closet is directly at the end of the hallway.


IMG_5993Here is the bathroom. We love how much more space we have and the tiled floor.

The Bedroom


My favorite part about this bedroom is the exposed brick wall. On the wall Paul and I put up the prints of Washington, DC that I got him for our first marriage anniversary. I just love how everything came together!


Another one of my favorite areas is the desk that I am using as my vanity!

IMG_5986IMG_5987 I love using the top dwar of the desk for my most used makeup items. There is so much storage in the desk and the top is perfect for my brushes, most used makeup palettes and more.

I really love our little apartment and can’t wait for the many more memories we plan to make here. 🙂 Name