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Happy First Blogiversary!!!!

Hi lovelies,

It is my 23rd Birthday and my first anniversary of my blog all TODAY!

Sassy Sapperstein's Blogiversary

Today I started off the day doing something I have NEVER done before; going to a 6am spin class!! This year I am making it a goal to lose at least 30 more pounds in an effort to be healthy and fit.

As I am now, I am healthier that I was last year, but I still need to lose some of the weight on my frame to get into the right area for my body type. Unlike last year, I am excited about this journey and look forward to doing all I can to push myself and become fit, gain muscle, and confidence in my fitness abilities.

This afternoon I got all dressed up and went out to eat with coworkers! It was so much fun to laugh and see them. Below are pics of my ‘Outfit of the Day’.




Tory Burch


OOTD Flats

The Tory Burch flats were a new Birthday gift from my Grandparents 🙂


I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by and how much my little blog has grown There have been so many ups and downs but I am so happy with the place I am at in my life and the opportunities and new adventures to come in 2015!!

Blogging was a first for me this past year and I really love pouring myself into it and making posts that reflect me and my interests. I love interacting with other bloggers and people from all over the US and even oversees who have the same interests as me!!

Here are a few of my very favorite posts from last year:

  1. How To: Depot MAC Eye Shadows
  2. Mouth Watering BBQ
  3. New Year, New Apartment
  4. The Importance of a Nightly Skincare Regime
  5. JRINK 3 Day Juice Cleanse

Thank you for sticking with me this year and please continue to do so in 2015! I will be making a concerted effort to blog weekly and I hope you are there along with my to read and learn more about my life.

Many blessings to everyone, Name


Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday

Losing weight is hard. Period.

Without motivation and dedication losing weight is almost impossible. As Paul and I have been losing weight one of our biggest struggles is to stay dedicated every day. We have found that it is hard to stick to eating healthy every day, day after day…especially after a cheat meal or a weekend when we are not at home and out of our routine.

Through time we have learned how important it is to stick to our routine and if we fall off for a day or two to just pick back off where we left off and keep fighting for the end goal. It is not all about losing weight but creating a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and our future little ones. We are motivated and dedicated through our routine that we have created.

The best advice I was given by a friend has been: If you don’t plan then you are planning to fail!

Meal planning is the number one priority we have going into every week. It is is so helpful to go into the week knowing what we will be eating all week and to already have it prepared.Every Sunday we prepare our meals for the week. This has been the most helpful thing at keeping us on track!

Seeing our progress though pictures is a huge motivator for us! Here are some pictures of Paul and I in the past year through our weightloss journey.



No matter where you are in your journey to get fit, be healthy or lose weight know that it is never too late to start! Make everyday count. If you are looking for a way to stay motivated the Instagram fitness community is amazing! I just joined with a fitness instagram and I would love for you to follow me at @SassyFitness4Life.

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

This past weekend I did something I have never done before! I went with my husband and in laws to my very first Nascar race!

monster mile

Nascar has never been my thing but my husband, Paul, loves the races. In the past I’ve been to smaller type races in his hometown but nothing this big.  I did not expect to enjoy it but it was actually very exciting! As the race went on I was focused, cheering and enthusiastic about who was going to win. ….All of which surprised my husband!


It was freeing to step out of my comfort zone. My attitude has a lot to do with holding me back when trying new experiences. Having a preconceived notion stops me from trying new things. This is a character trait I am trying to break. There are too many opportunities in the area I live and our country to keep myself from trying new experiences!

Family at the races

Overall the weekend was so much fun and opened my eyes to how I was holding back in other areas of my life.

Moving forward, I want to have and open mind to try new things. To do this I am starting a ‘bucket list’ of sorts. It will be filled with things that I am apprehensive to try but will be trying now to step out of my comfort zone.

The first thing on my list is Yoga. I have never tried it and I have always just assumed I would not be good at it. Not anymore! I want to try my first class with an open mind. Who knows I might be able to bend my body in what seems impossibly hard ways and enjoy it!! 😉


What have you done recently to step out of your comfort zone??

Jrink 3 Day Juice Cleanse

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 7.31.56 PM

I have been in a serious rut lately! I posted here about amping up my health and fitness with new recipes. I have done so, marginally. But in an effort to do a complete turn around and eat as healthy, unprocessed, and clean as I can I am doing a juice cleanse. This is my very first juice cleanse and I am really excited!



What is it!?

After talking with my doctor, I decided a juice cleanse would be a great reset for my body to recharge me and help implement some long term changes. I decided to order from Jrink because they are local and their juices are delicious!! (And the bottles look so cool)

<–I had my first one this past Saturday  and I have been craving for one ever since!!

I am doing the 3 Day Reboot cleanse that is made up of 18 juices. I will drink 6 juices a day for 3 days. It is that simple!



Here is some more info, from the Jrink website on juicing:

Each juice is alive and contains up to 5 lbs of fresh produce.  Cold-pressed & made local, we create the highest quality juice to nourish the needs of all busy people on-the-go.

JRINKs are made using an industrial hydraulic juice cold-press juicer.

First we grind down whole fruits & veggies into fine pulp which is then pressed in linen bags with over 2,000 lbs of weight.

This cold-press process (no heat, blade, or spinning sensation) produces the maximum amount of juice, which studies have shown a marked superiority of nutrient and mineral content versus centrifugal juicers regularly found in your home.

With modern methods, your typical juice can be boxed and kept in the pantry for weeks.  Pasteurization and High Pressure Processing (HPP) extend shelf life but at the expense of nutrient life.   Yielding the highest quality juice, without applying heat or air, JRINKs are incomparable to any other method of juice extraction.

No sugar, no preservatives, no water, no HPP, no funky business.

3 Day Juice Cleanse


To get ready for the cleanse I did three days of eating Vegetarian. I also did not drink anything but water and had no bread or dairy. Not drinking soda was very hard. I am somewhat of a diet Coke addict and I can already feel the effects of not having caffeine for almost 4 days.


Once completing the cleanse I will do the same thing as before. I will slowly add back in dairy and bread. But I am trying to see how long I can go without soda. This is a hard thing for me but I know that the aspartame and high volumes of salt in it, among other things, are not good for me.

Long Term

In the long term I am switching up a few things that I did in the past when trying to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle. I am interested in seeing if these changes will help me in losing the weight. As far as what I will be eating I will be sticking with a hybrid of Weight Watchers. This meaning that I will be still tracking my points but with the ‘rules’ below incorporated.

Here are a few of the changes:

  • Eat my biggest meal of the day for breakfast.
    • Even go so far as to eat what I would for dinner for breakfast.
  • Have lunch by 1pm.
  • Do not have any meat or carbs after lunch.
  • Have a light dinner that consists of yogurt, fruit, egg, vegetables.
  • Only drink water and tea.
  • No processed foods.
  • Incorporate juices and smoothies as meals (Like my cleanse!)


Wish me luck!! Have you ever done a juice cleanse? What was your experience like?

5 Habits I am Trying to Break

With June about to begin I am amazed that half of 2014 is almost gone! Where has the year gone??

It is never too late to try and work on breaking bad habits! Here are five I am trying to break in the next few months:

1. The first habit I am trying to break has to do with my prayer life. I find that when spending time with God I have been quickly thanking Him for the good and going right into asking. Asking for help. Asking for more. Asking for a solution. Asking for an answer to something. You name it.

I do not want my relationship with the Lord to be one of asking but to be thankful, rejoice in the good, pray for others, and overall not focus on just myself.

unnamed2. Skipping my workouts. Lately I have had no motivation to go to the gym and lots of excuses. Aside from still trying to lose weight, being active is so important for my overall health and longevity of life. With with warm weather here I want to try and take advantage of that and go for a run, swim, a long walk, and etc.

3. Letting my anxiety get the best of me has been an occurrence lately. I am so incredibly lucky to have such a patient husband who helps calm me down when I feel overwhelmed or OCD about things. But I want to be at a place of not even needing to calm down. I want to be able to think clearly when I feel the constricts of anxiety and move past it. This will be a hard one to break.

4. Biting my nails. With my anxiety I tend to bite my nails…constantly. This is not only unattractive to do but my nails are so short. As I work on my anxiety I want to quit biting my nails altogether. This weekend I plan on getting No Bite nail polish. The polish is supposed to be great at keeping people from biting because it tastes so bad! I hope it works for me.

orly-nobite5. Not washing my face at night is the last habit I am trying to break. Yes, I know that sounds gross but it is true. I have been so tired lately that I have been using  face wipes to get most of the makeup and grime of the day off and then just crashing. Doing this is convenient but I am finding that I have been getting more breakouts. I want to get back into my nightly skincare routine. I can tell a difference in my skin and its appearance.

On a side note, I have broken one bad habit so far! My addiction to diet soda. For a long time I only drank regular soda so when I started drinking diet, because it is zero calories, I went a little overboard.

I used to “need” it at work every day and if not then than definitely at night! I have slowly been working on not drinking it. Which was hard, and yes there were caffeine withdraws, but I feel like I have finally broken it! I do not need it anymore!! Name

What habits are you trying to break?



Goodbye Sallie Mae!

unnamed (2)

This past week Paul and I hit a major goal in our “debt snowball”! We finished paying off Paul’s Sallie Mae loan!!! WOO HOOO!!!

It is one of the BEST feelings to know we are one step closer to the weight of debt being lifted off of our shoulders!! We still have two more loans, each of our federal loans, but knowing that we have succeeded in paying off one of the three is so uplifting!!

Since then, Paul and I have been racking our brains on ways to save even more money to get our debt gone. We have cut the budget to the lowest we can live on, which is hard, but we want to do more!

We have decided to get second jobs!

Now this might be a little extreme, and we realize this, but if we both have a second job for just one year then ALL of our debt will be gone!! What an amazing accomplishment that could happen in just 12 months from now!!

Together, we are working on redoing furniture. We have been scouring Craigslist in our area and yard sales for the best deals on furniture. So far we have redone two desks that we bought for only $25 dollars each! Last week we sold one and this week we have someone coming on Wednesday for the second one!

A post will be coming soon on how we redid the furniture but here is a ‘sneak peak’ at how one of the desks turned out!

desk redo

Also, on Sunday passing by the dumpster outside of our apartment..yes you read correctly the dumpster… we found a beautiful dresser!! After cleaning it we brought it inside and plan on that being our next project!unnamed (13)

On Saturday Paul successfully got his second job at Macy’s! I am still on the hunt for mine but have some babysitting jobs lined up until then.

We are both so excited for our future and knowing that all of the planning, hard work and sacrifices we are doing now will be the best foundation for the rest of our lives!!




April Goals

April Goals
Here are my goals for the coming month!! Do you have any goals for April??