Viva Las Vegas

Hi friends,

Last weekend Paul and I were lucky enough to go to Vegas, Nevada for a mini vacation. We packed in so much stuff in just two short days!!


Day One


The Las Vegas Strip

The first day we were there we explored the ‘Strip’. It was so cool to walk around the different hotel casinos. Each one had a unique atmosphere and vibe!



image3 (1)

My favorite hotel that we visited was the Flamingo!! It was such a cool hotel and it even had real flamingos!!

image1 (2)


FullSizeRender (1)

At the very end of the strip there is the Stratosphere. It is an older hotel but the tallest in Vegas. The view at the top is like no other in the city!!

image1 (1)

image2 (1)

Day Two

The second day was completely different but just as fun. We started the morning off by renting a convertible Camaro! Pretty cool!! Having the top down is the best way to see the area’s beauty.

Red Rock Canyon

red rock canyon

Red Rock Canyon was magnificent! It was surreal to go from the city feel in Vegas to the beautiful mountain area in the desert. There is a great visitor center there with a lot of info about the area and maps with all the different hiking trails. Also, there was a 13-mile car loop to see the area where we saw awesome views all around us. The area was indescribable! It was so pretty and different from anything Paul and I had ever seen.





The Hoover Dam



After leaving Red Rock Canyon, we made our way to the Hoover Dam. Seeing the Dam it was such a huge engineering feat that the US accomplished! Paul and I could not believe how big it was and the power that it generates.

I would recommend if you go to start out by going on the walking bridge overlooking the dam. It is the perfect way to get pictures of the dam straight on.


Next, we went to the actual dam and took the power plant tour. This was so neat to see and learn exactly how the water from the lake is generated into power for thousands of Americans all over the area.



Lake Mead

lake mead

Lake Mead is the man-made lake that gets its water supply from the Colorado River. It is what flows into the Hoover Dam. When we passed the lake going to the Hoover Dam we wanted to stop back at it so that we could check it out. At the Visitor Center, we learned that there is a ‘beach’ area that people swim at. Paul and I immediately wanted to do this!!

The view, water, and weather were perfect. Swimming in the lake was the ultimate of relaxation! It was our favorite part!!


That night we caught red eye flight back home and started another crazy work week. It was an amazing trip and so memorable!

Have you ever been to Vegas? What did you do?


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One thought on “Viva Las Vegas

  1. nyrmirez July 19, 2015 at 9:55 pm Reply

    The pictures are incredible! Looks like it was such a fun short trip. I can’t believe you saw so many things in that short amount of time.

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