3 Step Paw Print Painting

Hi friends,

Below is an easy 3 step plan to have the perfect canvas picture of your animal’s paw prints. I find that the fewer the steps the easier it is to get your animal to quickly do the project and have it look beautiful!

paw print


supplies 1

supplies 2

Step 1: Prepare the work Station 

Step 1

*Lay the trash bag down on the floor and tape it in places if necessary.

*Put a blob of paint on each plate with a foam brush ready.

     -As we put the three colors on the plate we realized we wanted one more so we made the green.

*Lay the canvas out beside you.

Step 2: Paint the dog’s Paws

Step 2

Painting the dog’s paw is quite easy. Take the foam brush and get a light amount of paint on it. Then, gently wipe the paint over the dogs paw. Once the paw is covered in paint lay the paint brush down and hold onto the paw for step 3.

cujo Paint


As you can see he kept wanting to bite the paint brush…it was the only thing he did not like about the project! This is when we started giving treats to get his attention on those instead of what we were doing. Below are our favorite treats to give him. They are training treats and we like them because they are small, soft and delicious.

Step 3: Press paw on the Canvas

Step 3

What Paul and I found was that this was a two person project. He would hold Clyde and I would paint his paw quickly and then press it on the canvas where we wanted it to go. Also, with only Paul and I doing this project it was hard to hold him, press the paw and take a picture lol…so unfortunately we do not have one of the actual pressing. But as you can see above, that is how I would hold his paw and to press on the canvas.

wash paws

In between the four colors we chose to do we would wash Clyde’s paw in the sink. Depending on how many colors you do you will need to do this as well.

one color

It is also important to note that we did one color at a time. We would press the orange paw on each canvas until it was done. That way we would not have to go back.



Hope you like what I did and try it out yourself. If you do please message me so I can see your work of art!


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