Biker Barre

Hi friends,

Today I am going to write about my newest obsession: Biker Barre!

Since I had my first class at the end of January I have been more and more obsessed with attending as many classes as I can. Which ended up being almost twice a day in February!

Biker Barre is like my own oassis where I can go to workout and zone in on the workout at hand. It is so much fun to meet new people in the area and get a workout at the same time. There are so many great people that go and all uplift each other for success in the classes.

Biker Barre is unique in that they have two types of classes available.


Before Biker Barre I had never done a cycling class and boy was I surprised when I did my firs one here. It was exhilarating!! At the beginning of class they turn all the lights out and you can only see dimly all around you. This is the best because it really allows you to focus on yourself and your workout instead of who is around you and how they are working out. Once the lights go out the instructor gives you a quick hello and maybe a little spurt of inspiration for the class and you are on your way!! There is loud music pumping all around you which pushes you to follow the temp of the beat and intensity for the workout. After 45-50 minutes of pushing yourself to the limit the workout is over and you feel like you can take on anything. Even if my muscles were tired or I was out of breath I left feeling so happy and ready to do even more!



Barre is a total body workout for all of your muscles. Before going I don’t think I barely had gluten…but now I do!! I love the airy atmosphere of the barre studio and how nice and approachable the instructors are. As a newbie I did not really know what barre was and the correct poses and the instructors were always kind in pushing me to go farther and correct my form. Each class is designed to work a full range of muscles with small pulsing movements of your body. It is an interesting concept that always leaves me sore and wanting to come back again!!

Pros and Cons of Biker Barre 


  • Accessibility–The location of Biker Barre is perfect. Not only is it near a metro, Capitol Hill and shops but the interstate is right there as well. It can easily be a place that people go to after work for a great workout..even if they live in VA or MD.
  • App–One of my favorite things about Biker Barre is their user friendly app. At any time in the day I can look onto the app and see what classes are being taught, by who and even sign up there on the spot. With being on my phone, like so many others, so much this is a great feature to the business!
  • Instructors–There is a wide variety of instructors for each class that you might want to take. I love this because I was always going to a different class to learn from a different instructor and therefore did the same types of workout but with different positions and etc. It really kept me interested in coming back and seeing what new things I could learn all at one place.
  • New Equipment–Since going this last month I have already seen and used new equipment that Biker Barre has purchased for the clients. It is awesome to know that they really put money into their business for the benefit of their clients. Specifically, the new bikes are top notch!!
  • Cleanliness--I love that no matter what time I have been it has always been really tidy and clean. This was really important to me when finding a good place to work out.
  • Towel at the End–At the end of each class you get a cold scented towel that is literally divine! It feels SO good after a hard workout to wipe off a layer of sweat and go onto the next thing in your day.
  • FREE Mimosas on the Weekends–Who doesn’t love a little p[ickl me up mimosa after a hard workout!?


  • Size— The only con I have is that I wish Biker Barre was bigger!! It is the perfect workout combo and I know once more people come to this little gem in DC it will be harder to get into every class you want. But hey, that just means they need a second one!! 😉


For more info about Biker Barre click here on FAQ. If you are looking to find a new, great place to workout and live in the DC area message me. I would love to go and introduce you to something in my life that I have been loving!


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One thought on “Biker Barre

  1. Kaitlyn @ Keeping up with Kaitlyn February 28, 2015 at 9:35 pm Reply

    When I come visit, I want to go to a class with you!!

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