How To: Depot MAC Eyeshadows

How to depotHi all,

In an effort to organize some of my makeup I decided to depot my MAC products and put them in a palette. Also, with the leftover containers I was able to turn them into Back to MAC for some free eye shadows.

Below are all of the materials you will need to do this project.

Materials NeededSTEP 1: Remove the Outer Plate

Step 1The first step in getting the eye shadow out of the plastic container is to remove the outer plate from the ‘body’ of the plastic. To do this take the sharp knife and wiggle it in the crease line of the plastic. As you do this you will apply pressure until you hear a pop sound of the plastic clicking up. Once this occurs it will look like the picture below.

step 1.5Remove the outer plate and place the rest of the plastic container to the side until the end when you put it back together.

STEP 2: Place Outer Plate on the Straightener

step 2For step 2 take the outer plate and place it on a hair straightener for 30 seconds. You do this so that the glue under the eyeshadow heats up and becomes gooey. Doing so allows for the eye shadow to be easily removed from the outer plate in step 3.

STEP 3: Remove the Eyeshadow from the Outer Case

step 3In step 3 place the outer casing of the eye shadow on a paper towel. Once doing so take the same sharp knife and shimmy it between the plastic and metal pan of the eye shadow. Slowly take the knife and push it down and up to remove the shadow from the plastic. The eye shadow might be hot from when it is on the straightener. If so, use the tweezers to extract it from the casing to not burn your fingers.

step 3.5

Below is what the eye shadow will look like removed from the case.



noteOnce the shadow has cooled you can place the shadow in a MAC palette or z palette.

If you are planning on doing Back to MAC you will need to take the casings and put the eye shadow container back together to be able to return it for the free products.

STEP 4: Preparing Items for Back to MAC

step 4Take the outer tray and line it up with the inner try.

step 4.5

Place the outer tray into the rest of the base and click it into place. Now it is ready to return to Back to MAC.

Below are all of the things I was able to return for Back to MAC. Note: to get a free eye shadow, lip glass, or lipstick through Back to MAC you must turn in 6 used MAC items.

Back to MAC


Have you ever depoted MAC eyeshadows? What did you do the same or differently??


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