Falling in Love with Fall Food

Falling in Love with FALL Food

Hey ya’ll, it’s officially fall!!

One of my favorite things about fall is crock pot meals. I love coming home after a long day of work and having the apartment smelling like I cooked for hours and dinner already prepared!

Last fall Paul and I purchased a light timer for the crock pot that was a game changer. Really. We would be able to leave the house in the morning, the timer turn the crock pot on in the afternoon and dinner be ready by the time we got home. It is such a luxury to not have to worry about cooking at night.

With fall here there are so many great recipes from breakfast through dessert that you can do in the crock pot. Here are a few of my favorites.



Breakfast casseroles are the best to make in the colder months.Β  I love filling the crock pot at night and waking up in the morning to a warm, delicious breakfast waiting for me to eat. Here is one that I make frequently in the fall: Breakfast Casserole



One of the perfect lunches to eat is a hearty soup. By making a soup the day before in a crock pot you can portion it out for the rest of the week. Also, if you make a large amount you can freeze it and have it for later weeks. For me, my favorite is a delicious potato soup! Here is a recipe for one that is my go to: Potato Soup



Pot Roast–The perfect hearty meal after a long day at work or even for a cozy weekend is pot roast. Also, by making your own broth and having more vegetables you can cancel out a lot of the sodium and create a healthier dish.

With the left over stock store it in the freezer and use it as the broth starter for the next pot roast!


Baked applesΒ are the perfect fall dessert. Having the apples simmer for a few hours on low with a Apple Piepumpkin cinnamon seasoning is truly mouthwatering! Once the apples have simmered pop some dough on top and bake for a mini pie!

fa759a04e1a78df7c37dfd1bcdbf9204Another dessert that is fun and delicious are these acorn treats. These are not made in the crock pot but they are adorable to bring to a party, snack on with friends or even have kids create!

If you liked these recipes, check out more on my ‘Sassy Fall’ board via Pinterest! !


What foods are you excited about this Fall??


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2 thoughts on “Falling in Love with Fall Food

  1. lizandlifestyle September 23, 2014 at 6:05 pm Reply

    I’m falling in love with this post! lol

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