Weekend Happenings: Celebrating America

Hello all!

This past weekend Paul and I went to Baltimore, Maryland to celebrate the 200th year of the Star-Spangled Banner. If I would sum the word up in one word it would be patriotic. Paul and I left that day with our hearts filled with patriotism and love for our country. America is such an amazingly, unique country filled with history. Carving out time this weekend to celebrate the bicentennial of the Star-Spangled Banner was an experience Paul and I will carry with us for years to come.

photo 1We started the rainy day off by touring some Navy, Coast Guard and very old ships. No matter how many ships I have toured there is always something different about each one. My favorite was the Navy cargo ship that was full of huge equipment that the Navy takes all over the world. We even got to ‘play’ on the equipment. It was sooo much fun!!












After exploring the ships Paul and I went around the harbor to see all of the vendors and tents that were set up. Even though the day was colder and rainy there were a lot of people that came out to join in all of the events. 10622964_934719016543522_6396838194102013010_n

10646840_934715266543897_6744316694640286064_nIn the late afternoon we were lucky enough to be able to watch the Blue Angels perform in their Airshow. It was so cool to see the skill of the Blue Angels!

After the Airshow we made our way over to Fort McHenry. This is where the brave Americans fought 200 years ago to defend our nation. It is also where Francis Scott Key wrote the Star-Spangled Banner, which is our National Anthem.

That night there was a special ceremony, the Star-Spangled Spectacular,  where Paul and I were lucky enough to get seats near the stage. At the ceremony there were many public figures and even the Vice President. Being apart of such a large crowd remembering the courage and strength it took for these soldiers to defend Fort McHenry  was very moving. We even got to hear from ‘The President’s Own’ Marine Band. The music was awesome!


My absolute favorite part was the ending of the ceremony when there was a huge fireworks show. It was the absolute best fireworks Paul and I had ever seen! The fireworks were in conjunction to music with the Star-Spangled Banner as the finally. Paul and I could not even believe our eyes when we saw the American flag, in fireworks form, light up the sky!!


Leaving that night I was struck with such a strong feeling of patriotism and gratitude. Patriotism for our country and how truly amazing America is. And gratitude for the men and women who fought so hard that day for our freedom and continue to fight every day. NameIt was an experience I do not want to forget!


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