Summer to Fall: Makeup

Summer to Fall Makeup

With it officially being September, I am so excited to start my Summer to Fall Series. The first post in my series is going to be about the transition of bright summer makeup looks to more neutral, softer looks for fall.


There is nothing I love more than to switch up my makeup for the changing of the season and be able to play with items that I haven’t used in a while. Here are a few tips to take your makeup staples from summer to fall like the pros.


From BB Cream to Foundation

Summer to Fall BaseSummer makeup is all about simplicity and it being lightweight. With the cooler temps of fall I do not mind gong back to a thicker foundation as a base. One of my favorites right now is Benefit’s Hello Flawless foundation. It is lightweight like a BB cream but the extra coverage looks great on my skin.


From Sheer to a Flawless Finish

Summer to Fall PowderIn the summer I love to lightly ‘dust’ my fave with a translucent or iridescent setting powder. As fall rolls around I tend to add more coverage by going with a powder that is a little heavier covering up all of my imperfections and creating a natural finish to the skin.


From Bronzing to Highlighting

Summer to Fall HighlighterAs summer fades I tend to contour less. I like to switch up from using bronzer to highlighter. Highlighter is a great way to brighten the skin, especially high up on your cheekbones. Liquid highlighters are my absolute favorite. Applying them with your fingers or a sponge, like the Beauty Blender, allows them to seep into your skin and create a natural glow.


From Natural to Flushing

Summer to Fall BlushWhen switching up blushes from summer to fall I tend to go from lighter shades to deeper. In the summer I tend to be hotter because of the heat and always seem to have red cheeks. Thus I like light blushes and to even skip putting it on. In the fall I love having a darker blush so that my cheeks have the look of being flushed. Also, I think it is a nice contrast to have a darker blush with the upper cheekbones highlighted.


From Cream Shadow to a Matte Lid

Summer to Fall EyeshadowDuring the summer it is so easy to swipe on cream eyeshadow and jump out the door. In the fall I love creating warm, smokey eye looks with matte eye shadows. With a lighter complexion darker eyes really stand out in the fall. One of my favorite palettes to use in the fall is the Urban Decay Naked Basics. With a few colors you have the versatility of creating some great looks! It is also super travel friendly.


From Glossy to Creamy

Summer to Fall LipstickFall is the best time to start playing around with more lip colors! During the summer I tend to wear mostly coral and pinks. It is fun to start using more colors in the fall and even compliment the color to what you are wearing. One of my favorite things to do in the fall is a bold matte lip in red, dark purple or even darker. With the contrast of lighter skin this really looks great! Also, for on the go a creamy neutral lip looks perfect with a smokey eye and brighter cheeks.

No matter what direction you go with in your makeup know that in reality you don’t NEED it! You are beautiful no matter what is under all of those products! If you are like me, it is fun to wear makeup and change up how I look from day to day. But remember makeup does not define you and your confidence comes from within. πŸ™‚ Name

How do you like to change up your makeup in the fall?


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4 thoughts on “Summer to Fall: Makeup

  1. anoukschurink September 3, 2014 at 3:53 pm Reply

    Lovely post! In fall I mostly use slightly darker colours on the lips and more browny/greeny toned eyeshadow.
    Lots of love,
    Anouk Schurink
    Beauty blogger

  2. Alexandra Velez September 3, 2014 at 8:40 pm Reply

    super cute this fall is all about colors so lots of them. very cool!

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