Weekend Happenings

Hello lovelies!

This weekend has been exactly what I needed. One of my best friends, Kaitlyn, came and visited Paul and I.


Saturday morning we started the rainy morning off at Eastern Market in D.C. It was great to see all the eccentric artwork, DIY furniture and fresh, local produce.

tomatoesOne of my favorite things was to try all of the fresh peaches, tomatoes, melon, cheese and more!

After filling our bellies with samples we headed to the Capitol. It was Kaitlyn’s first time getting a tour!


No matter how many times I have been to the Capitol it never gets old. Working on Capitol Hill has given me an even greater understanding about the amazing, hard and important work that the men and women do every day for Americans. It was so nice to explore the Capitol with Kaitlyn and share that with her as well.


On Sunday Kaitlyn had to head back home in VA. She is about to start her next semester of Nursing School at UVA! Keep her in your prayers as she works extremely hard to become a nurse.

In the late afternoon Paul had a plan set out to explore some places neither of us had been to.

Navy Yard 



The Navy Yard is right on the Potomac in D.C. It was so nice to walk along the water.

In the Harbor was the Pride of Baltimore II. It was a replica of the original ship from 1812. Today the ship travels all around the world.





After looking through the ship we went to another ship that was docked right by the Pride of Baltimore II, the USS Bary.


The ship was so neat to explore! It was our first time to see how soldiers live on a ship for months at a time. This ship has not been in use for many years but it was in use during the Vietnam War.

The Decatur House 

The White House Historical Association was having a special event at the Decatur House to commemorate the 200 years since the Burning of Washington. (As you can tell, Paul and I really like history.)

cookieIMG_5190IMG_5186We even got to dress up in period clothes and take a picture with George Washington!! 😉


What did you do this weekend?


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