A Weekend Away

IMG_4954This past weekend was perfect!



We started the weekend with Paul’s mom and my mom coming up to Northern, VA. We had an amazing Birthday dinner, for my mom, at Cheesecake Factory.


Saturday we got up super early to get to Ocean City, Maryland. It was such a beautiful day to be at the beach!







After spending the morning in Ocean City soaking up the sun and a lot of boardwalk food we were ready to head to Assateague Island.

Assateague is such a unique place. There are wild horses that roam free all over the island. These horses also look chunkier than most because they eat so much sea grass that is salty. This saltiness causes them to bloat and drink more water, thus they look chunky.



IMG_4965Even at the campground at the island there were horses roaming around! When we went to change into our bathing suites I could not even leave the bathroom I was changing in because of a horse hanging out right beside the door!! Hahah! It was so much fun to see the wild horses.

The ocean was beautiful as well!! It is so relaxing to be able to sit out on the beach and hear the crashing of the waves in the distance.



On Sunday, as we were leaving we went to St. Michaels, Maryland. It is a little beach town in Maryland that is so quaint! St. Michaels is right on the Cheasapeake Bay and is full of history!


IMG_4989For lunch we went to the Crab Claw which is IMG_4987right on the water. With a slight breeze coming off the water it was the perfect atmosphere for lunch.

I have been craving some good seafood and it was great to get a delicious Tuna sandwich!

After lunch we went to the boutique shops in the town. We even stopped at an ice cream shop!



Overall, this was such a fun weekend! I am so blessed to have a family that gets along so well and can spend time together and have great laughs and memories. It was such a nice treat to spend one on one time with both Paul’s mom and my mom. Also, it was such a blessing to be able to spend the weekend with my mom on her Birthday!

What did you do this weekend??



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