The Big Apple

This past weekend Paul and I took a trip to New York City with Paul’s parents!! It was a quick but fun and jam packed trip! Paul and I had so much fun experiencing new things with his parents. And we made sure to eat some delicious food too!!



We started off our trip early Thursday morning driving into the city. Once arriving we parked the car near the Brooklyn Bridge and went on the search for lunch!

unnamed (16)



Near the bridge there was a little pizza place that we all wanted to try. I was so excited to get ‘authentic NYC pizza’!! And I was not disappointing! The pizza..and garlic knots I got…was delicious!


After carb lading on pizza we took a lovely walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. …Which I will admit, I didn’t know that you could walk across until this trip!



It was cloudy so we could not see the Manhattan sky line, but there was a little chill in the air which kept us from getting too hot!




The architecture of the bridge was amazing!!


I loved that all over the bridge there were locks that people had connected it to signify that their love would never break apart! It is such a beautiful concept. If Paul and I ever come back to the bridge I will be bringing a lock!!


Before heading to our hotel we decided to stop by the famous Carlo’s Bakery from the TLC show Cake Boss!

IMG_4492There were so many desserts it was hard to choose!!

So we go a little bit of everything!!

If you ever get a chance to go I think we would all highly recommend the cheesecake!!



On Friday we woke up early to catch the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. I was so excited because we had tickets to climb to the top of her crown!

IMG_4512The ride over on the ferry was a little wet but a lot of fun! With it being foggy it was hard to see the New York Skyline but it was still nice to be out on the open water.





The climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty was long but well worth it! The stairwell itself is quite tiny!!

One of the coolest things was to see the inside of the Statue of Liberty.

Also, a cool fact is that her head is only TWO pennies thick!!


Once we reached the top we could look out of the window holes of her crown. Looking out it was cool to see different angles of Lady Liberty herself! We all had so much fun exploring such an iconic piece of America!





After leaving Lady Liberty we went back to Manhattan to see the 9/11 Memorial, explore Chinatown and eat a delicious sandwich at a New York Deli. Later that night we went to Citi Field to see the Mets play the Phillis!!

Before Paul, I had never seen a baseball game before and now I really love going to the games! For not being a sports person that is pretty big!


Saturday morning Paul’s parents left to head back to North Carolina but Paul and I spent another day in the city to see Times Square, sight see, and do some shopping! Mostly window shopping on 5th Avenue but I did get a couple beauty things I am really excited about from Inglot!! I will be doing a haul post soon on that!

Saturday night we were quite tired and were able to rest on the Mega Bus ride back to DC!

Overall the trip was amazing!! I am so so glad that Paul’s parents had the idea to take this trip! I love spending time with them and getting to know them more and more. It is so wonderful to have in laws that you genuinely enjoy spending time with!!

If you are interested in seeing more pictures of the trip they are here on my Facebook.



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