Mouth Watering BBQ

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Since marrying a North Carolina boy I have wanted to make him some delicious BBQ!! Last weekend I decided to try making a simple, yet delicious recipe.

Step 1: 

Once putting the meat in the crock pot, rub a mixture of seasonings on it to create what will be the flavor of the BBQ.

BBQ Spices

I used: IMG_4424

1 Tsp Pepper

1 Tsp Garlic Powder

1 Tsp Smoked Paprika

1 Tsp Chili Powder

1/2 Tsp Salt

1/2 Tsp Cumin

1/2 Tsp Red Pepper

I picked these based on other recipes I had read and modified it based on what I knew Paul and I would enjoy.

Step 2: 

Let the meat cook for 4 hours on low.


Step 3: 

Peal apart the meat into strips.


Step 4: 




Add 1/2 a can of Diet Coke and 1/4 Cup of Apple Cider Vinegar


By adding the Diet Coke it keeps the meat from becoming dry and adds even more flavor!





Step 5: 

Let the meat cook for 3 more hours on low.

After the three hours the meat is done! Also, in the picture below you can see how after cooking it longer and adding the Diet Coke and Apple Cider Vinegar the BBQ meat is the ‘perfect’ color!


The finished product was amazing and full of flavor! Paul even loved it!!




Once done, create a delicious sandwich! I even added some cheese to mine!






What is your favorite recipe for BBQ??


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5 thoughts on “Mouth Watering BBQ

  1. bethanyldean May 7, 2014 at 5:41 pm Reply

    Oh wow these sound and look amazing!! Xx

  2. B. (@pickettbri) May 13, 2014 at 9:27 am Reply

    Hey Kristin, I tagged you in the Lip Product Addict tag! It’s live on! Hope you’ll join in! 🙂

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