First Impression: Lorac Pro Palette

To my complete surprise one of my best friends, Taylor, got me the Lorac Pro Palette! In the beauty community this is a very loved and highly coveted palette! I could not wait to try it out!



The packaging for this product is great! Not only is it slim but durable as well. This is a palette that I could definitely throw in my makeup bag and use for a trip or long weekend.

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Eye Primerย 

The eye primer was a bonus when getting the palette! I was excited to try this out. When I first applied it the product felt oily on my lids. I thought this might be the feeling of it before it dries, but even after drying my eyelids looked oily. I did not really like that but found that after applying the eye shadow, from the palette, my eyelids did not look oily.


When putting my brush on the shadows I felt that it instantly picked up a lot of product. I really liked that aspect because of the color payoff on the eye lids.

One thing I do not like about the palette is that there is a lot of fallout of the eye shadow when getting the product on your brush and if you tap your brush to get some of the product almost all of it falls off.

Even with this fallout though, that does not transfer onto the eyes. There was almost no fallout under my eyes after applying the shadow! This is great compared to my Naked, Urban Decay palettes which I find has a lot of fallout.

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The color payoff of the shadows is wonderful. To the touch, the shadows feel buttery and applies smoothly. When applying you can see the different colors clearly. I love the color range and how bendable they are. Below are swatches of the palette. Each arm represents each row of the palette.

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My first use: I applied the shadows in the morning and they lasted all the way through the night! This was great! I did not feel that I needed to touch up in any place all day long.

Below is the first look I did with the palette. I used: Pewter, Espresso, and a little of the Deep Purple.

blog 11


I love the range of colors that the palette has due to there being a matte and shimmery row. This is perfect because it has most colors everyone uses on a daily bases all in one place.

I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone. Even if you are just getting into makeup this palette has a wide range of what you need to make really great eye looks!

Have you tried the Lorac Pro Palette? What was your first impression??







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2 thoughts on “First Impression: Lorac Pro Palette

  1. abeautyobsession April 28, 2014 at 1:49 am Reply

    Great review ๐Ÿ™‚ I recently got this palette to and I love it!

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