Manicure/Pedicure Essentials

Manicure/Pedicure Essentials
The warm weather this weekend is a nice welcome compared to the frigid winter months we have been experiencing. It is finally sandal weather!! I am so excited! Even though I am ready my feet are not! Getting together everything I needed for an at home manicure / pedicure I came up with the ten essentials anyone would need. By using these tools you too will have ‘fresh’ hands and feet to show off in this beautiful weather!
1. Nail Polish Remover: A must at removing that old polish!
2. Pumice Stone/Nail Brush: I love this duo! A pumice stone is definitely needed to get all the dead skin off of your feet. With the nail brush attached as well it is great  to really clean under the nails.
3. Nail Clippers: Perfect for trimming down nails and toe nails.
4. Cuticle Nipper: The nipper is great to trim up any loose skin around the cuticle area.
5. Nail File: Shaping your nails is essential during a manicure!
6. Cream: During a manicure or pedicure there is always a need for cream to soften the hands and feet and even give a mini massage.
7. Nail Buffer: Nail buffers are great for giving your nails a high gloss shine.
8. Base Coat: Many people do not believe a base coat is needed but using a base coat allows the polish to stay on longer and protect the nail from yellowing if you are using a darker nail polish.
9. Top Coat: A top coat is always needed to add a high shine to your nails and keep them from chipping.
10. Nail Polish: An essential in any good manicure or pedicure is the nail polish! Lately, I have been loving Essie nail polish!
What do you like to use when you give yourself a manicure or pedicure.

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