March Empties

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I cannot believe that March has already ended!! It was a wonderful month with FIVE weekends!! During this month I went through a bunch of products I wanted to use up.


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Lately, I have been loving shower gels. For a long time I only used bar soap but that gets really boring after a while because it takes so long to use up the soap. With a shower gel I can use what I want and store it for future use if I get tired of the smell.

This month I finished two shower gels.

1. Pink Chiffon from Bath and Body Works: The Smell is so sweet and girly!

2.  Whoosh from Lush: I absolutely love this stuff!! The scent is like nothing else I have! I really like putting it in the freezer, because it doesn’t freeze, and then it is really cold and refreshing for when I shower.

I also finished up the Brazened Honey face mask from Lush. I really love this mask and know that I will re-purchase it in the future. If you would like to see the review I did on this mask you can find that here.


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The Body Shop has been really pulling me in lately with all of their great deals and products. This month I finished up one of their Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Masks. Whenever my skin is feeling really dry I apply this before bed and wake up with refreshed, smooth skin. Even though this is a one use size I was able to get four uses out of it. A little bit goes a long way!

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So, the next product I finished up is not really done yet…but it was time to throw it away because it was old and getting discolored. I use the Great Lash clear mascara for my eyebrows. The wand is great for shaping my brows and the product keeps my eyebrow hairs in place all day. For the price of less that three dollars it is always a staple and repurchase in my makeup collection.

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Revlon has the BEST lip products!! This is my second tube of the Lip Butter in Creme Brulee that I have used up. It is the perfect everyday shade!

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I had bought this eye makeup remover for traveling because it is small and has a screw on top. I really liked how non-greasy and easy it was to get my makeup off while using the product.  Multi-Purpose


In the month of March I really fell in love with Coconut Oil!! It is truly an amazing product!

My Uses: 
In a Lip Scrub
To Clean Makeup Brushes
Shave my Legs
As a Moisturizer
To Cook With
Remove Makeup

To find an all in one product like this that is GOOD for my skin and Organic as well has been awesome!!

What products did you use up in March?


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