The CandyLESS Easter Basket

The CandyLESS Easter Basket
As Easter approaches I am so excited to be going to North Carolina and see all of Paul’s family! When I think of Easter I can’t help but think of candy! When trying not to eat candy, I came up with some ideas for a candyLESS Easter basket.
The Essentials
1. Bible: With the whole reason behind Easter being Jesus’s death and resurrection a Bible is the perfect addition to any Easter basket no matter the age.
2. Festive: Easter is quite commercialized so everywhere there are bunny and Spring inspired things to add to an Easter basket. For children, the bunny cup above is perfect!
3. Wearable: Who doesn’t love getting something new to wear for Easter. Above I picked out a cute t-shirt for a child, Essie nail polish for someone a little older, and for the guys a bow tie is always a good choice.
4. Something to Do: When giving gifts it is always good to add in something practical, even in an Easter basket! For children that could be a movie for them to watch like Despicable Me 2.
5. Fun: Giving and recieving gifts can be fun! So why not add a little something fun to the basket since there are no sweets! For a child this could be a plush toy or whatever they like. For an adult or young adult a new phone case is always great! With so many different ones available it is fun to change up a phone case with seasonal changes or even an outfit.
What would you like to receive in your Easter basket?

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