First Impression of the Polar FT7



Ever since Paul and I have been amping up our workouts I have been wanting a ‘device’ to count my calories burned while working out. Paul has a fitbit and loves it but I wanted something that I could see the calories I was burning instantly, instead of on an app like the Fitbit.


One aspect about the Polar watch is that it tracks your heartbeat as well. The transmitter fits along the upper rib cage under your chest. It is comfortable and I barely notice it is on when working out. Polar also has a great feature in the coded heart transmission that will not “cross” with other people who have the same device and give you their heartbeat.


Heartbeat Monitor

Many people have the Polar FT4 which is a great product as well! I almost got that one but realized the FT7 was only $10 dollars more for two more features that the FT4 does not have.

  1. The FT7 has an EnergyPointer feature. This lets you know what percentage of your workout was from fat burning or fitness improvement. This is great for me to see when I am in the ‘zone’ for fat burning.
  2. The FT7 keeps 99 of your past training files, whereas the FT4 only keeps 10. You can also upload these files to your computer on a Polar account (for free) and track your progress!

Last night Paul and I ended up going to the gym after an event to get a quick workout in. This is what the watch looks like after a workout.

unnamed (17)

In a 39 minute workout I burned 300 calories.

unnamed (16)

I find that when I am wearing the Polar watch it pushes me to go harder and burn more calories during a workout. So far I am loving my Polar FT7!!

If you want to know more about Polar hereΒ is there website. Β πŸ™‚



Do you have a Polar watch, Fitbit or Fuel band? Which one do you like best?


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One thought on “First Impression of the Polar FT7

  1. Kaitlyn (Keeping up with Kaitlyn) March 14, 2014 at 10:03 am Reply

    Thanks for doing a review! I was wondering what the differences were between the 4 and the 7! Glad you are liking it so far! I’m hoping to get one in the coming months!

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