Review: Hair Mask

Last Saturday night one of my good friends Karen came over and I took full advantage and had her be a guinea pig with me on the new hair masks I got in my Birthday Haul!





Karen and I both started out with dry, unclean hair. I applied the Purification Masque to the roots of my hair. I would never usually do this but the packaging said to because it is supposed to nourish and take away any itch and any flakes from the scalp. On the ends of my hair I applied the L’oreal Total Repair mask. The smell of this product is what initially attracted me to this product! When applying it to my ends it counteracted the bad smell of the Purification Masque…which was needed! Karen applied the L’oreal mask to the ends of her hair.

We both noted that the L’oreal mask not only smelled so nice but felt that it would be nourishing and rich for our hair due to the thick, smooth texture.

We lost track of time talking and ended up leaving them on for almost an hour!












Washing it out: 

My experience when washing the mask out was that the ends felt so nice, where the L’oreal mask was. They were definitely softer than before. At the scalp, it took me quite a while to feel like I got the entire mask out. I did not feel that my scalp was cleaner but that the hair felt waxy.

Karen said that washing out the L’oreal mask was easy and she could notice a difference in the texture as well. She has oily hair and was worried that once drying her hair would be oily due to the mask being so thick.

The next morning when looking at both of our hair my hair was significantly more oily than Karen’s hair at the roots.

As of now I do not think that the Purification did a lot of purifying. On Sunday I had to wash my hair two times to get the oiliness and waxy feeling gone from my hair. I am not sure if this is due to keeping the mask on too long or that it just did not work for me. I will try the Purification mask one more time and see if I get the same results, hopefully not!

I would definitely recommend the L’oreal Total Repair Mask!

Karen and I both found it to be moisturizing, made our hair feel lighter the following day, did not leave our hair oily, and the great smell was long lasting!

What hair mask do you like to use?


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3 thoughts on “Review: Hair Mask

  1. Brianna February 28, 2014 at 7:45 pm Reply

    By far my favorite hair mask is the Macadamia Natural Oil hair mask! It’s pricey, but totally worth it.

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over

    • Kristin Sapperstein March 1, 2014 at 4:56 pm Reply

      I have tried it before and LOVE the smell and the way my hair feels after….just can’t get myself to shell out the $$$ for the full size.

  2. […] I have been using the L’Oreal Total Repair Hair Mask since I got it in my Birthday Haul and really love it! It smells great and makes my hair feel silky smooth. I have a full review of it here. […]

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