Sunday Happenings

I have been thinking lately…

Sundays are starting to become bitter sweet to Paul and I. Since starting to work the weekends are becoming even more meaningful than before. At least when we were in school we would get out of class around 3pm, see friends, do club stuff, and etc. throughout the week. This adult stuff is starting to equal a lot of stagnant schedules. One thing I like about this is that things that didn’t ‘mean’ as much to me do now. On the weekends Paul and I try to make an effort to do some productive things together that during the week slides by.

Also, ‘living for the weekends’ has given me an even greater respect for parents, especially mine. At the end of the day I barely want to work on dinner for Paul and I and do productive things around the house. I can’t imagine adding a kid or two in the mix and focusing on their needs as well right now. All of those parents out there, my prayers have been going out to you lately. You guys are rock stars! Somehow you can go to work, make dinner, work on homework, play, get the kids ready for bed, tackle whatever random else is thrown in and make it to the next day to do it all over again. Then when it comes to the weekend you focus on the kids some more. Wow. Sacrifice does not even begin to cover how giving parents are. I am in awe tonight as I think about this.

Spring has Sprung!Β 

The weather was perfect today! I got to spend most of the day with mine and Paul’s friend Karen, from LU. She and I did some shopping and last night even tested out the hair masks in myΒ Birthday Haul. It was such a fun weekend and lots of ‘girl talk’. Hahah πŸ™‚ Be on the lookout for a review of the hair masks this week!!

Late this afternoon when there was a red flag stop (I think that’s what you call it) in the Daytona 500 Paul said we could leave the house and go on a walk. He is pretty serious about his Nascar so I took full advantage of the pause in the race…which actually ended up being like 6 hours!

We went to Four Mile Run and had a great walk in the fresh air. There was a hint of chill in the air but other than that it was the best it had felt outside in a long while!

Here are some pics of our walk:





Looking forward to some events Paul and I are going to in the week ahead. Hope everyone had a fun weekend!! What did you do??


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