In the Past 

When I was in elementary school, my parents would bring my sister and I to my grandparents house to get us on the bus for school.  My grandfather would always make sure that we would have breakfast before leaving. He would always mix it up and make sure it was healthy! Today, I know there are foods I eat, like tomatoes, that I refused to try before his guidance. Also, I would see him take his vitamins everyday! I was fascinated by the different shapes, colors, and quantity! I could not wait to become older to take as many vitamins and eat healthy as he did.

Those are special memories that I hold dear today.

Thinking back, he is probably the first person in my life to really talk about eating healthy. Seeing him as an example of someone so healthy I wanted to be the same way! Somewhere along the way I lost that spark of putting what he taught into action. Now I am on the right track, I love calling and talking to him and my grandmother about how I am eating and losing weight. They have seen my ups and downs through the years, and I know how happy they are right now for how far I have come.


Vitamins have always been a weak spot for me. I constantly forget to take them and always wonder if I am taking the ‘right’ ones.

When going to the doctor this summer I asked for her advice on the matter. Basically she said to take a multivitamin and I will be good to go. So, I started out with the multivitamin but felt like it wasn’t enough. I have heard great things about lots of other vitamins like B12, Vitamin D, Flax Seed, Iron, Calcium, Omega 3’s, and more. I did not know what I needed though.

When doing research on vitamins it is so hard to choose because I don’t think I could commit to take a ton but want the benefits of them all. I decided to go to Trader Joe’s and consult with the associates in Hawaiian T-Shirts.

With their help in explaining what each vitamin does I think I finally found what my body needs.

What I decided on: 


Omega-3: I take this in the morning after breakfast. There are so many benefits to these essential fatty acids for helping my body work in tip-top-shape throughout the day. The benefits of this also seemed like great nutrients while I am working out so much.

CO Enzyme Q 10: I take this vitamin twice a day. The benefits are for hair and skin. Since I am trying to get a handle on these two in my life I knew a vitamin would aid in this.

Women’s Formula: I take this vitamin twice a day as well. This is my multivitamin. It has a great ‘concoction’ of everything I might need with the added bonus with minerals to help hair and skin.

I have been taking these for about two weeks now and have noticed a difference in energy, clarity, and less pain in my knee.

What vitamins do you take??


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