The Magic of Craigslist

Craigslist is awesome. Really. But, stay cautious!

There are good and bad on Craigslist but with pictures and being patient you can get some amazing finds. Paul was the best and spent many hours on Craigslist looking for furniture for us.

Here are some of our amazing finds!!




The vanity is my most loved piece of furniture that we got off Craigslist! With our bathroom being the size of a closet I was worried about where I would put all of my makeup. It was $215 dollars but totally worth it!

I now have the best place to keep my makeup and skincare items. AND it’s cute! What more can I ask for!?


My gold chair was a total surprise! Paul had gotten the chair from a furniture consignment store for only $5 dollars. It was OK, but one afternoon he surprised me by painting it gold!! For $10 dollars total, it now looks better than either of us could have ever thought!

I can not say enough about how much I love it!

TV Stand


Paul actually found this item within an hour of it being posted online. It is a buffet table but we wanted it to be an entryway table for when we walk in the apartment. It looked so different than anything we had seen before!

Upon going to the woman’s home we realized it was a lot wider than we originally thought. We were not deterred from getting it though! For $60 dollars, solid wood, and the intricate detail of the legs we could not pass it up.

When we brought it home we quickly decided that the best place would be for our TV stand!




I needed a desk for the apartment. Even though Paul and I are not in school anymore I love sitting at a desk even if I am just scrolling through Facebook.

The storage space is perfect and so are the colors. Best yet, it was $150 dollars!!


This cute little guy is my type writer. I got it one afternoon thrifting for only $10 dollars!! Totally impractical but CUTE! It looks perfect on the desk.



Here is one of our most loved pieces that was also cheap. Looking around at Value City, Target, and even Walmart we could not find an ottoman for less than $80 dollars. We just could not let ourselves spend that on something that holds blankets. One afternoon on Craigslist Paul scored the jackpot, at least for us. He found this for $15 dollars! Yes, it has cat scratches on it and looks a little worn but for us it works.

We now have an apartment full of furniture that we love! It took us about two months to acquire everything we wanted but it was totally worth it! If you are looking for furniture and are living on a budget don’t rule out using Craigslist!

Have you found anything cool on Craigslist?


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