Origins Review

Until my ‘skincare awakening’ I had only bought drugstore skincare products with the occasional splurge on something higher end. This is not to knock drugstore products at all. I have used a bunch and some I could not live without! Personally, I felt that  a way for me to actually stick with a skincare routine I needed to spend money on products that I would feel super guilty about not using. I felt that putting the money into that instead of other things I wanted would really make me stick with it! I think it worked!!

I decided on Origins because it is a store in the mall and a counter at Macy’s that I had always wistfully passed wanting to try their products. They are made with great ingredients, raved about on YouTube, and I love the packaging. Yeah, I can be sold on the packaging. Also, one of my favorite beauty gurus, the EssieButton, loves their products. After watching a few hours of her video reviews on Origins I knew they would be perfect to try out in my ‘skincare overhaul endeavor’.

This does not mean that I went out and bought everything I wanted. Actually, I got samples of everything I wanted first. I went to Sephora, Macy’s and the Origins store and got samples from them all. I was surprised at how easy it was to ask for a sample and even get a generous one. Since I have had allergies to products I have used in the past I did not want to take the chance of spending $35+ on a moisturizer that made me look like a red tomato! Also, when in the Origins store the manager set me up with a free facial from them to try out more products. How could I pass that up???

I decided to buy:


  • Checks and Balances (Travel Size)

So far, I am not sold on whether this is better than any other face wash. I do love how soft my face is after using it, the ‘clean’ feeling I get, and how quickly it brakes down the makeup on my face.

At the end of the day, I apply this directly to my skin. Yes, dry skin with my makeup still on.

I then wet my Clarisonic  and apply that to my face. In circular motions it quickly brakes down all of my makeup. After a minute, I splash warm water over my face to take any residue off and pat dry.

  • GinZing Eye Creme

Completely worth the price. Can I repeat, completely worth the $30 dollars. Why? Because it smells amazing, takes away all puffiness, and has a light brightening affect that allows me to put less concealer under my eyes. It is a miracle product.

I apply this at night and in the morning  before my moisturizer.

  • High-Potency Night-A-Mins

Every night I use this I wake up feeling refreshed. My skin does not feel dry or flaky…which is what I am usually battling  in the winter months. The product review on the Origin’s website says that, “You wake up radiant and refreshed.” I can definitely attest to that!

I use this at night, after washing my face.

Free Extras with Purchase

  •  Ginger Souffle

At first sniff I was not sold, but then again it was free. I have used this many times and the smell has grown on me tremendously. Mostly this might be because I enjoy drinking herbal tea and that is what the smell resembles.

Every night I apple this to my elbows and legs. In the winter they definitely need the moisture and this product is doing the trick.

  • Ginger Burst  (Body Wash)

Some nights when I feel like smelling like herbal tea I will slather this on in the shower. Will I buy this, probably not, but it was free and I will use it until the last drop!

Everything Else I have been trying out:


  • Modern Friction

The manager at Origins, who gave me the sample, said that this is to be used  twice a week to exfoliate. In this way it balances out your skin due to the antibacterial properties.

I have used it twice so far. Every time I have there has been a noticeable difference in my skin looking brighter and feeling cleaner. I feel like before buying this product I might get another sample to make my final decision.

  • Super Spot Remover

This is perfect for acne spots! I had two places on my skin the other night, I put on the sample, and by morning they were gone. YAY.

This item is a little expensive for such a little bottle, but I do see myself purchasing it if my skin goes array. I am hoping that by being consistent with my skincare I will not have as many breakouts and therefore not need this product. #crossingmyfingers

  • Zero Oil

This was recommended to me and I am sure glad it was. My skin can get quite oily. I will leave the house lookin’ good and in two hours I look as if I have been cooking in a diner all day. Ugh. But with this toner it really ‘sucks up’ all the oil on my skin and keeps it at bay. I have also noticed that I do not need to apply powder as much throughout the day! This is a big plus.

  • GinZing Moisturizer

The moisturizer smells as heavenly as the eye cream, like mandarin oranges. It is a light, thin moisturizer for the day. I do not like heavy moisturizers under my makeup so this feels perfect.

More than likely, this will be the next Origins product I will buy.

  • Clear Improvements Mask

This is so neat, but messy! Hahaha I had to. Really it is a pretty cool product. Within two days after using the mask I could see my pores had shrunk. Maybe it was an illusion, but I will take it.I also used this after a week of high volume breakouts (aka my face was lookin’ real bad) and it helped in cleaning out the dirt and oil to clear up my skin.

They have a travel size of this mask which I might get for when I really need it.

  • Plantscription Night Cream

I actually have yet to use this. It was a sample at Sephora and I will most likely take it with me on my next trip so I don’t have to ‘lug’ around a bigger moisturizer.


Have you tried Origins? What do you like?


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4 thoughts on “Origins Review

  1. Abbi March 20, 2014 at 9:57 am Reply

    I love Origins! I’m actually going to get another facial and buy some things today. 🙂 I really really really love Dr. Weil’s Mega-Bright Serum. It’s amazing. I got a sample last time and it lasted probably a month, and my acne scars have faded so much. I can’t wait to get more. My only problem with Origins is that their products are expensive and my savings account is not liking it… But Origins is totally worth it. I also use United States Balancing Tonic, Dr. Weil’s Mega-Bright SPF30 Daytime Moisturizer, Checks and Balances Face Wash, and the Clear Improvement Mask.
    I’ve been wanting to try the GinZing Eye Cream! I’ll have to get a sample today.

    Great blog, by the way!

    • Kristin Sapperstein March 20, 2014 at 10:10 am Reply

      Thanks!! Yeah Origins really breaks my bank too but their products are worth it! For summer I am thinking about the Dr. Weil’s Mega-Bright SPF 30 Daytime Moisturizer…does it ever make your skin feel oily or smell like sunscreen?

      • Abbi March 20, 2014 at 10:14 am

        You should definitely try it!! It smells so good, not like sunscreen at all, and leaves my skin feeling super soft. It’s been a while since my sample ran out, so I don’t really remember how it made my skin look… But I do remember that I liked it so it probably didn’t. Who knows haha. Get a sample and see if it works for you!

      • Kristin Sapperstein March 20, 2014 at 11:41 am

        OK! I think I might!! 🙂

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