DIY: Furniture

Part One: DIY Furniture

Tips for Re-Doing Furniture: 

  • Make sure the project is attainable.
  • Watch Youtube videos, read blogs, and look at tutorials of what others have done.
  • The cost of the materials should not exceed the values of the furniture.
  • Be patient.
  • Set aside a date/time and do it then.
  • Have good snacks.
  • Cleanup as you go along.
  • Vegetable oil is the ONLY thing that gets wood stain off of your skin!
  • If you are painting: Don’t skip out on getting a primer.
  • Don’t take naps while someone else is sanding…they get annoyed.

The Bar Cart

I became obsessed with having a bar cart right around the time Target came out with one that was $125 dollars. Knowing we could not spend that Paul had the idea to get one off Craigslist and redo it. To be honest, my hopes were not high. I wanted the one at Target. Haha.

With Paul’s patience he found the perfect one for only $30!!

The hardest part about re-doing it was removing the extra shelf. At one point Paul was using a steak knife because we did not have a saw. Luckily, my dad let us use some of his tools and we successfully removed it. Now the cart can fit so much more without that shelf cutting off so much room.

With $10 dollars in paint we had a bar cart for under $50 dollars! Who would have thought!?

With everything we got from engagement parties and house warming gifts we haven’t needed to buy much to fill it.

The only things we have bought are the paper straws and our little elephant!


unnamed (3)




The China Hutch 

unnamed (1)

Knowing we would not have much cabinet space in our kitchen apartment Paul and I looked high and low for a china hutch.

Scouring through Craigslist Paul found the perfect one for $75 dollars. Also, Paul ended up having a lot of time to work on it due to the government shutdown.

The china hutch was built in the 1920’s. We knew that when redoing it when wanted to keep its beauty!

Being that it was built so long ago it has a lot of character and layers of stain. We had to do a lot of sanding to get these layers off to get to the ‘bare bones’ of the piece. If anything can test a relationship it is sanding. That and the fact that I took a few naps while he sanded. Also, we were too cheap to buy a sander so it took two times as long.

Once the whole piece was sanded we realized that it was worth all the time we put into it. The beautiful, intricate details of the wood were finally visible!

For the inside of the cabinet we painted it a butter yellow. Our everyday china is Fiestaware. It is quite colorful and the light yellow color for the inside of the cabinent really makes the plates, bowls, serving pieces, and etc. ‘pop’.

Here are some before and afters that really show the difference!


unnamed (2)




Have you done any fun DIY projects?


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    […] is the view of the doorway, that was behind me in the previous picture. To the left is the china cabinet Paul and I got off Craigslist and redid last […]

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