Birthday Haul

Last week was my Birthday!!! I am 22 and totally feelin’ it. Also, the closer I get to 30 the more panicked I get. I had always heard people say that but now it is becoming real. One moment I want to be older because of all the perks that come with age like wisdom, financial stability, children, and etc. BUTTT I also wanna stay young for a while.

With my Birthday money and Target gift cards I decided to splurge on some beauty products I had been eyeing for a while.


 For Hair 

  • L’oreal: Total Repair 5 (Hair Mask)

I have never really tried a hair mask before and this looked perfect. It smells amazing and for under $5, I had a coupon, I had to get it! I will definitely do a review on this soon.

  • Afican Black Soap: Purification Masque

Winter and the Psoriasis, my dad genetically “gifted” to me, really wrecks my scalp in the winter. I can not wait to see if this mask works to take away the itch and dry flakes (eww I know). I will say that it smells horrible. If I do not see any benefits there is no way I will be able to put it on for 30 minutes once a week!

  • Herbal Essences: Naked Shampoo
  • Herbal Essences: Naked Conditioner

I am just going to be honest, I bought this for the smell. It is aaahh-mazing! Specifically it  smells like guys cologne. MMMMmmmm.

My only worry with shampoo and conditioner is that I do not want them to make my hair look greasy. I have used it two times so far and everything looks good.

  • Ojon: Oil Therapy

EssieButton has done reviews on this item many, many times. I needed it. The travel size was half the price and not in a glass bottle so that seemed the way to go for me. Glass bottles are pretty but I tend to break them and they do not travel well. I can not wait to see if this product does all that it says. There will be a review coming!



  • The Body Shop: Vitamin E Sink in Moisture Mask

I have bought this product before and loved it! This is the travel size version for just a couple of uses. This amount works well for me because there is less ‘commitment’ than buying the bigger size. Last time I got about 7 uses out of it. For it being under $3 dollars that is pretty sweet!

Instead of putting my normal moisturizer on at night I put this mask on. It is heaver than a moisturizer but does not feel oily or heavy.

  • The Body Shop: Mini Moringa Body Butter

I have never gotten a body butter from The Body Shop before but when my mom said she would buy it how could I pass that up!? It smells just like honeysuckle!!

I plan to put it on at night before bed because it is a little thicker than a day cream.


Makeup Brushes

  • Real Techniques: Blush Brush (Pink Handle)
  • Real Techniques: Powder Brush (Gold Handle)

These brushes are raved about by everyone I talk to, read about on blogs, and YouTube.

I decided to try out the blush brush and powder brush first. The blush brush looked great for putting on blush (duh) and even contouring. I have some really good powder blushes that I enjoy using, from Sigma and MAC, but neither of those are as dense as this one. The real techniques one looks perfect for those days when I need a little extra coverage.

These two items I am most excited about trying out!


Eye Makeup

  • Maybelline: Rocket Mascara

I always love trying different mascaras. This is one I have not purchased before so I thought YOLO.

  • L’oreal: Eye Liner (Carbon Black)

Liquid eye liner is a staple in my everyday makeup. So far, this one seems to be working the best for me. It is a re-purchase and I know I will not be disappointed.

  • NYX: Wonder Pencil

I needed something that would do wonders for my water line! Once I ‘discovered’ eye liner I went a little overboard for a while and basically lined my eyes top and bottom. I’m not gonna lie, I resembled Pete Wentz. Really…

Since discovering that that look was not for me I have been in need of a good eye pencil for my water line. Others that I have tried have been too dry or did not last long. I am hoping with this it will do the job of covering up the redness without hurting to apply.


  • L’oreal: Infallible Eye Shadow (Hourglass Beige)

Pigments are an interesting concept but messy. When other people use them they look so good, but I know that it is not something I could do quickly or without getting it everywhere!!

The Infallible eye shadows are a great fix for this, or so I have heard. It is a pressed pigment eye shadow. The color I picked looks perfect for an inner eye and brow bone shade.



  • Maybelline: Color Elixir (Amber Gold)

No one can do a beauty hall without some kind of lip product..right!?

These were just released and have been said to resemble YSL glosses. Anything that resembles something three times as much I am all over. I love a good dupe.



  • NYX: Studio Finishing Powder

NYX is a great drugstore brand. I discovered it at Ulta a few years ago and now they even sell their products at CVS and Target. Also, everytime I look they have new products.

This finishing powder will hopefully be a great way to set my foundation and take away any excess oil.

  • Tarte: Amazonian Clay Foundation (Fair Sand)

EssieButton recently did a brand focus for Tarte…so naturally I wanted everything. I decided on the Amazonian Clay Foundation. Foundation can really make or break the whole look of my face.

When looking for a foundation I want the right shade and ‘feel’ of foundation on my skin. I do not want to look cakey or orange. Surprisingly, it can be hard to find the right ‘sweet spot’.

Recently, I bought this Chanel foundation that I loveee. But I find that it can be not enough coverage on some days. I feel that this Tarte foundation will do the trick to give me a little more coverage when I need it.

  • Urban Decay: De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray

I have never tried a setting spray for my makeup but I was really interested in Urban Decays line of them. I chose the De-Slick because of the excess of oil on my skin after a few hours of putting on makeup. Yuck.

I have high hopes for this!!


What have you bought recently?


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7 thoughts on “Birthday Haul

  1. Kaitlyn @ Keeping up with Kaitlyn February 13, 2014 at 1:19 am Reply

    All I have to say is that you used words on here that I’ve never heard of before. Like what is a water line and pigment eye shadow? I need you to do a post to help people, aka me, go through the basics of makeup. Actually, I just need to come to DC so you can teach me EVERYTHING! haha

    • kristinsapperstein February 13, 2014 at 1:33 am Reply

      Ahaha yes come visit!!! I will teach you everything you need to know!! A water line is the line of skin your eyelashes are attached to on the bottom. Pigments are basically what eye shadows are made of but not in the casing. They are loose and people buy them to make new colors, put in their own packaging, or for more dramatic looks. Thanks for the idea of another blog post!!

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