Sunday Happenings

Paul and I are starting something new. After church on Sundays we are going to start spending the majority of the day doing something active. We need it. Over the past few weeks, especially after the Holidays, we have felt a little stir crazy. With it getting a little bit warmer we will hopefully get outside a little more.

Last Sunday we decided to be tourists for the day! Living so close to Washington, D.C. we take it for granted. People come here for vacation and we live ten minutes away!! How cool!!

Paul and I started off at the Capitol.

I was talking to my mom on the phone and Paul wanted to get going! :)

I was talking to my mom on the phone and Paul wanted to get going! 🙂

In total we walked about six miles! It felt amazing!


We went to the World War II Memorial


The Lincoln Memorial


At the Lincoln Memorial we had brought a snack and sat down to eat it on the steps. Sitting there we were able to really take in all that was around us. It was also fun to ‘people watch’!

Right across from the Lincoln Memorial is the Washington Monument. Seeing the monument from my window at work everyday I lose sight in how big it is! It was great to see up close, especially since so much of the scaffolding is gone!

IMG_0285                                           IMG_0268

Also, throughout the walk Paul and I were able to really talk. This is so important for any relationship. It was great for both of us to get some things out in the air and be on the same page. This helped tremendously in ending our weekend on the right foot.

When Monday rolled around I kept thinking about how great it was to just get out of the apartment on Sunday. Not only had we accomplished a lot for our relationship, but got a great workout at the same time. I cannot wait for our future Sunday endeavors!


If you have any ideas of stuff Paul and I can do let me know!


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One thought on “Sunday Happenings

  1. reaganfan88 February 11, 2014 at 3:12 pm Reply

    I love love love this!!!! All of it! Truly awesome! Yes I find it’s difficult to talk.. REALLY talk… unless you’re just kind of hanging out together all day… doing something that allows you to engage and communicate at the same time. Good observation.

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