Apartment Compromise

One little word no one likes to hear is compromise. It is hard. With my personality I rather railroad over Paul and just tell him what we are buying and doing. This is not a good start to a marriage, as I am learning!

A New Concept: Thinking before Buying

When it came to our first apartment we were starting from scratch. The only thing we had was my parent’s couch that they were letting us keep and an air mattress. Let me repeat, an air mattress! The very first thing Paul and I bought together was a television and kayaks! Can you tell what our priorities were?? Thinking back to those first ‘big’ purchases as a couple they were so important. Yeahh. But we were young (aka 6 months ago) and we’re looking to fill our time over the summer.

Registering for Everything in Sight

As the wedding was moved up and we had to choose what to put on our wedding registry there was a wake up call. We actually needed things, like practical things that parents usually buy. I will also admit that walking around Macy’s and Target to pick out what you want is fun! Especially with that thing you point at what you want and it is immediately added to the registry! I might have gotten a little high from adding everything in sight. Which Paul would then go back later and delete the ‘unnecessary’ to leave the ‘necessities’. But really, who doesn’t want a $200 memory foam mattress topper for their…errr air mattress!?

It was so hard knowing what those necessities were at times!! The best advice I can give is to go through each room that you live in now and write down everything you use most often.



At our engagement parties we really made out like a bandit!! Hahah! But really, with so many generous people in our lives Paul and I have everything we need, and then some.

Overall,  everything we were given was out of love and I can’t wait to use it one day when we have  room in a home and can  entertain!


When it came to furniture we had no idea where to buy it from. We went to a few furniture stores in our area and were so disappointed. Everything was too expensive and, to us, it didn’t even look that it would last for years to come. We could not imagine spending upwards of fifteen hundred dollars on a bedroom suite that was particle board, wobbly, and we would have to put it together ourselves. The only thing we would leave with at those furniture stores was the free candy, cookies, or ice cream cones they were giving out. (Hahah not Weight Watchers approved!)

Our compromise was DIY and Craigslist. Both of which seamed daunting and unattainable. Paul and I are not artistic, we didn’t even own a hammer, and were quite leery of Craigslist.

Starting out small we bought some furniture off Craigslist and redid it to fit our needs. The redoing aspect was harder than we both imagined but was accomplished by watching a lot of YouTube videos. Yes, we messed up some but overall Paul and I are quite pleased with what we accomplished. There is an amazing feeling that comes with working on a project and actually completing it. To be honest, a lot of the time I did not think we could do it. Without Paul’s positive attitude I would have given up at one point or another.

There was so much work that we (welllll Paul #letsbehonest) put into our little apartment that I cannot cram it into one blog post. I will be doing a series with some of our DIY projects and Craigslist finds with lots of pictures. Stay tuned!

P.S. Just so you know, we did end up buying a brand new bed frame and mattress set on sale! Actually that is the only piece of furniture we ended up buying brand new.  After sleeping for over six months on an air mattress I now get the best sleep of my life on our bed! If you invest in anything make it your bed! I guarantee it makes ALL the difference in your mood throughout the day. Paul has also learned that a well rested wife is a happy wife.

What are some compromises you have had to make in relationships??


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4 thoughts on “Apartment Compromise

  1. reaganfan88 February 10, 2014 at 10:36 pm Reply

    hehehehehh I can totally visualize this! #Targetaholic ~CB

    • kristinsapperstein February 11, 2014 at 1:47 pm Reply

      Yeah, I have gotten a lot better….mostly because of our budget!! lol

  2. Kaitlyn @ Keeping up with Kaitlyn February 10, 2014 at 10:42 pm Reply

    LOL this whole post made me laugh so much, really because I can hear you saying all of this! haha But I’m really thinking that I need to make a registry for people, like myself, who are going to grad school and need things! haha Getting an apartment is expensive! I sent my security deposit in today. I think that’s the largest check I’ve had to write in my life up to this point! SCARYYYY

    • kristinsapperstein February 11, 2014 at 2:08 pm Reply

      What a great idea!! You should make a registry and have a Going away Party for people to give you the stuff!!

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