As Average as it Gets

I am an average Virginian twenty-two year old trying to buy everything at Target, watch YouTube videos endlessly, and acquire a kick butt career at the same time. I am as average as it gets.

Even with all the great things happening in my life right now I still feel bored. Bored with the fact that I have nothing of substance to fill my time during the day at work. I am an assistant. It is my first ‘big girl job’ and I love it! I know it is not permanent and one day I will have an even better, more rewarding job but I live right outside of D.C. Here you have to put your time in at the lower levels to rise up. I get that. I just need something to fill my time. I am so scared of looking back in ten years and thinking that I wasted all my free time at work on Netflix or Instagram. I want to do something with meaning that I can feel a sense of accomplishment and community. Blogging is perfect for that. I have never blogged before and I am not even looking to be blog famous or something. Even if I only connect with a few people on here I will be happy. Also, it is like a digital diary that I can look back on and remember all of the ups and downs. To me that’s pretty cool.

A little known fact about me…because I tell everyone…I love YouTube. Specifically, I love all of the beauty gurus on YouTube. I didn’t even know how to apply eye liner before watching MakeUpByTiffanyD! Did I mention I was nineteen at the time?? Sad I know. The thing is, all through high school I never made an effort. Really. I was the girl that rolled out of bed fifteen minutes before the bus came and put on the first thing I found. If I was lucky I even ran a brush through my hair. I was never really interested in anyone at school and felt like it was a waste of time to have to wake up earlier in the morning JUST to smear on foundation and have black eye lashes! It was not until I went to college that I saw the value in makeup and beauty products. This new found value might also have also been largely influenced by a Junior I was crushing on. I felt like I needed to learn everything immediately. Basically that meant binge watching YouTube videos and wanting to buy everything they recommended.

Since those first few months of watching videos constantly I have mellowed out, some. I still love learning from beauty gurus and reading blogs but with less urgency than before. For a long time I felt like I had to play catch up to learn years of knowledge. Now I realize that learning about makeup and how to take care of my skin is a process with a lot of trial and error. It takes time and that is OK.

If I have any advice for girls out there wanting to know how to do their makeup, what the right skincare regime to use is, or what to buy from high end counters or drugstores just know it takes time!

  • Everyone buys the wrong shade of foundation a time or two (or four times if you are me).
  • No one has the perfect skincare regime for everyone, but for them. Don’t be discouraged if a product someone else loves doesn’t work for you.
  • Getting samples are a must!!
  • Have fun and be flexible! You will never know if something looks good on you if you don’t try.Β (Don’t rule out red lipstick because it scares you. At least try it out or get a sheer lip gloss instead of a matte red.)

I really want to use this part of my blog to highlight my hits and misses with beauty and makeup. I have so many ideas for blog posts and I am really excited to get started! If you have any suggestions for posts, a product review, or more message me!


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2 thoughts on “As Average as it Gets

  1. reaganfan88 February 10, 2014 at 10:35 pm Reply

    SEEING YOUR BLOG POSTS MADE MY DAY!!! YAY!! I feel like I get the sneak peaks into your day again! Was thinking about you and missing you lately, yesterday especially! πŸ™‚ ~CB

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